Hello new website, new year and first blog post of 2020!

I spent a majority of my time last year ruminating on why I felt stuck in place both personally and career-wise. While I can’t say I’ve completely figured out why, I can say I have more insight into my current wants and dreams. This list was created with some of those things in mind.

This is a New Year’s tradition that my partner and I just started doing last year. I managed to complete about 80% of my list from 2019, so hopefully I can do even better this year. Or not. I just love to-do lists, so it made sense to make a year-long one for myself, too.

  1. Go to Magnolia Bakery in NYC (NYC trip planned in June)
  2. Try Chinese hot pot
  3. Find an Afghan market in LA
  4. Make bread
  5. Get two tattoos
  6. Try paddle boarding
  7. Aim to get additional movement twice a week
  8. Go “glamping” for a weekend (Big Bear?)
  9. Take Noodles to a dog beach
  10. Write four technical blog posts
  11. Attend four local meet ups
  12. Go to a SoCal beerfest
  13. Set up ideal work desk (chair, monitor, mouse, desk pad, mechanical keyboard, etc)
  14. Go remote full time
  15. Decorate wall space above bed
  16. Pay off credit cards
  17. 403 Forbidden
  18. 403 Forbidden
  19. 403 Forbidden
  20. Read at least six books (low, I know, but last year didn’t involve a lot of consistent reading)

I’ll do a recap post early 2021 to document how well I did.

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